About The Artist

As a commercial artist for over 20 years, my focus was on creating the perfect printed piece; perfection was achieved through my knowledge of techniques and processes that are the greater part of commercial production of printed material. That was a long time to spend with such a narrow focus, so, putting that part of my career behind me, I faced creativity for my own purposes.
The main philosophy behind my work is that it has to be an enjoyable process and fun for the viewer to see. Because too much pre-planning is reminiscent of my commercial life, I do not plan my prints. A labored piece reflects that attitude and the finished image is never successful. Prints are often experiments in shape and color and I try not to be too predictable, reserving the right to make changes without concern for images that were conceived at another time.

I feel most colors complement in one way or another. I think in bright and saturated primary colors and I like to combine them with their complements. By hiding images in the color I reward the careful and intent viewer for his attention.